Waresboro is an unincorporated community in Ware County, Georgia, United States. It is located west of Waycross. The community is part of the Waycross Micropolitan Statistical Area. According to the Waycross Journal Herald dated November 13, 1975, Louise Mock donated the oldest home in Ware County to the Okeefenokee Heritage Center. The text of the caption of the photo that appeared on that date reads as follows: OLDEST HOME DONATED -- The oldest regular house in Ware County, the Thomas Hillard House in Waresboro, has been given by Louise Mock to the Okeefenokee Heritage Center. Mrs. Mock (left) and Mrs. S.W. Clark (right) discuss the history of the old home built in the 1830's which stands at the corner of Church Street and Old Stagecoach Road, the old dirt highway which led from Milledgville to Albany, according to Mrs. Clark. The home is the only one in the county which is of the old Williamsburg style of architecture and has great historic value as the home of Col. Thomas Hilliard, a relative of Cuyler Hilliard founder of Waycross. The house will be moved to the Heritage Center property and restored to its natural state with the wide board walls, columns and new, shingle roof to replace the tin roof on it now. Mrs. Clark said they are trying to establish the house as the oldest one in Ware County and asked anyone with knowledge of an older one to contact her at the Heritage Center. (Staff Photo by Jock Ellis) Link to Heritage Center photo of Hilliard Home

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Administrative Law involves compliance with and challenges to rules, regulations, and orders of local, state, and federal government departments. Administrative law attorneys may represent clients before agencies like the workers compensation appeals boards, school board disciplinary hearings and federal agencies like the Federal Communications Commission. Administrative attorneys help negotiate the bureaucracy when interacting with the government to do things as varied as receiving a license or permit or preparing and presenting a defense to disciplinary or enforcement actions.

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Administrative law is law made by or about the executive branch agencies, departments, the President (at the federal...

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