Wenona is an unincorporated community located on Deal Island in Somerset County, Maryland, United States. It is located at the western end of Maryland Route 363, Deal Island Road. Recently Real Estate developers were interested in making a resort in Wenona. The developers did not finish the deal because the checks he was paying were insufficiently funded.

Administrative Law Lawyers In Wenona Maryland


What is administrative law?

Administrative Law involves compliance with and challenges to rules, regulations, and orders of local, state, and federal government departments. Administrative law attorneys may represent clients before agencies like the workers compensation appeals boards, school board disciplinary hearings and federal agencies like the Federal Communications Commission. Administrative attorneys help negotiate the bureaucracy when interacting with the government to do things as varied as receiving a license or permit or preparing and presenting a defense to disciplinary or enforcement actions.

Answers to administrative law issues in Maryland

Administrative law is law made by or about the executive branch agencies, departments, the President (at the federal...

The Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 made significant changes to the Informants Reward Program under the False...