Piedmont is a city in Meade County, South Dakota, United States. Piedmont lies in the Racetrack or Red Valley which circles most of the Black Hills. Piedmont takes its name from the French words pied (foot) and mont (mountain) and the fact that the town lies at a point where the Black Hills rise particularly abruptly from the Red Valley. Although newly incorporated (since July 2008), Piedmont has been inhabited since the coming of the railroad in the 1800s. Piedmont is mostly a bedroom community to nearby Rapid City, but also has construction and forest products businesses nearby. The Piedmont area has experienced three large forest fires since 2003,the Piedmont, Ricco, and Eastridge Fires. In August, 2007 Piedmont experienced a flood rated as a 100-year event in which 6" of rain fell in less than an hour, with runoff exacerbated by the steep terrain burned in the Ricco Fire. The flooding was accompanied by up to baseball-sized hail. Piedmont has been assigned the ZIP Code of 57769.

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What is administrative law?

Administrative Law involves compliance with and challenges to rules, regulations, and orders of local, state, and federal government departments. Administrative law attorneys may represent clients before agencies like the workers compensation appeals boards, school board disciplinary hearings and federal agencies like the Federal Communications Commission. Administrative attorneys help negotiate the bureaucracy when interacting with the government to do things as varied as receiving a license or permit or preparing and presenting a defense to disciplinary or enforcement actions.

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Administrative law is law made by or about the executive branch agencies, departments, the President (at the federal...

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