Welcome is an unincorporated community in Charles County, Maryland. It has been designated the zip code of 20693. It is 7 miles from La Plata on Rt 6 West. The Goose Bay campground and marina are there. Prominent residents: Barnes Compton, 19th-century Congressman residing at "Hilltop" Ken Dixon, owner of large car dealership since 1961 Dr. Francis Chiaramonte, founder/ head of Southern Maryland Hospital Center

Agriculture Law Lawyers In Welcome Maryland


What is agriculture law?

Agriculture Law involves farmers, landowners, and others in regards to crop-growing, farming processes, dairy production, livestock, farmland use, government subsidization of farming, and seasonal and migrant farm workers. There are numerous federal statutes that subsidize, regulate or otherwise directly affect agricultural activity. Some focusing on protecting migrant and seasonal agricultural workers, some for financial assistance to farmers and others for the construction or improvement of farm housing and other agriculturally related purposes.