French Creek is an unincorporated community in Upshur County, West Virginia, United States of America. French Creek is nine and half miles south of the county seat, Buckhannon, West Virginia, on West Virginia Route 20. It is home to the West Virginia State Wildlife Center, formerly the "French Creek Game Farm", a zoological park featuring native and introduced fauna. Popular exhibits at the center include American bison and mountain lions. The French Creek settlement was formed in the early 19th century by a number of New England presbyterians. Family names from these settlers include Gould, Young, Phillips, Burr, Sexton, Brooks, and Loomis. The community's first post office, the second established in the county, arrived in 1822. It was named for the village's principal stream — French Creek — a tributary of the Buckhannon River watershed. The village was also referred to as Meadeville, as it is located in the magisterial Meade District.

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What is agriculture law?

Agriculture Law involves farmers, landowners, and others in regards to crop-growing, farming processes, dairy production, livestock, farmland use, government subsidization of farming, and seasonal and migrant farm workers. There are numerous federal statutes that subsidize, regulate or otherwise directly affect agricultural activity. Some focusing on protecting migrant and seasonal agricultural workers, some for financial assistance to farmers and others for the construction or improvement of farm housing and other agriculturally related purposes.