Pisek is a city in Walsh County, North Dakota in the United States. The population was 96 at the 2000 census. Pisek was founded in 1882, by Czech and Moravian settlers. Pisek was chosen as the name partly because some of the settlers had come from Pisek in the modern Czech Republic, and also because the town was built near a sand ridge and Pisek means sand in Czech.

Antitrust And Trade Regulation Law Lawyers In Pisek North Dakota


What is antitrust and trade regulation law?

Antitrust and Trade Regulation laws aim to promote free competition in the marketplace. Agreements or cooperative efforts by two or more entities that affects or restrains competitors is illegal under these laws. The Sherman Act makes illegal any contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade or commerce and makes monopolies and attempts, combinations, or conspiracies to monopolize illegal. The Clayton Act regulate price discrimination, tying and exclusive dealing contracts, stock acquisition and interlocking directorates.

Answers to antitrust and trade regulation law issues in North Dakota

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Antitrust laws help ensure a vigorous, competitive marketplace to maintain fair prices, the availability of an array...

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