Ramsey is an unincorporated town in Jackson Township, Harrison County, Indiana. Originally platted on March 14, 1883, it was originally known as Jackson City. It was platted by Howard Ramsey alongside the Louisville, Evansville and St. Louis Railroad (now known as Norfolk Southern Railroad). Highway 64 came thought Ramsey.

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What is appellate law?

Practicing in the Appellate Courts is for the purpose of reviewing trial court judgments to correct of errors committed by the trial court, development of the law, achieve a uniform approach across courts, and the pursuit of justice, more generally. Appellate courts are not a forum to make a new case, but instead they determine if the rulings and judgment of the court below were made correctly.

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The following is a short overview of appellate law. Appellate rules vary from state to state, and between the state...

An appeal is the process of having a higher court review a lower court's decision. Appeals can be from criminal and...