Highland is an unincorporated community in western Howard County, Maryland which uses the 20777 zip code. The community is located at the junction of Highland Road, Maryland Route 216 and Maryland Route 108, and is still heavily influenced by its agrarian history; farms and horse fields are common in the area. The crossroads itself has a small-town feel, with a few shops that share in the rich history. As a rural crossroads, many of its community members took it upon themselves to maintain the historical sites and feel of the hamlet by founding the Greater Highland Crossroads Association (GHCA) in 2002. The boundaries of the town are marked by four signs. There are four corners at the central crossroads. South: Highland Groomery / Kitty Bed and Breakfast, a dog groomer and feline boarding facility West: Boarman's Meat Market, in business for over 50 years North: strip mall including Pro-Built Construction, Inc. , a Subway, Highland Liquors, a salon, a Karate school, and other space available for lease East: Serendipity (formerly Butterfield's), a clothing and accessories store located in a restored 1880s harness shop A recent development is that of the Paternal Gift Farm neighborhood. This horse community is so named because the owners inherited the land from their father. They designed the large property meticulously, so that the houses are grouped in bunches, leaving room for horse pastures. The property takes up practically all of the land in the triangle made between Maryland Route 216 (Highland Road), Maryland Route 108, and Hall Shop Road. Since 2005, the GHCA has held the annual "Highland Day". The holiday is similar to a fair, and patrons are encouraged to meander around the town, visit shops, and discover the rich history of the community. Many attractions are offered, such as the popular History Scavenger Hunt, live performances from local musicians, and business kiosks. Highland played several important roles in U.S. history. The town housed meetings that affected the events of the Boston Tea Party. Well's Tavern (now the Kitty Bed and Breakfast) was the primary meeting place of a group of Northern sympathizers in the Civil War.

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What is communications and media law?

Communications and Media Law involves television and radio broadcasting, compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, ownership and antitrust issues affecting the telecommunications industry, free speech, advertising, do-not-call lists, and media censorship.