Minot is a section of Scituate, Massachusetts. Minot's ZIP Code is 02055. Minot is a beach community in Scituate. It is part North Scituate and is further divided into an area called "The Glades Estate," which is an exclusive area belonging to various families, including the Adams family, at the very tip of Minot Beach. Minot consists of the homes from the intersection of Hatherly Road and Gannet Road (know as "The Lights") to the ocean and includes Surfside Road, Mitchell Ave & Ln, and Pond View Avenue. Two beaches are in Minot. North Scituate beach, the southernmost beach, is bordered to the south by Egypt Beach (part of the Egypt section of Scituate) and to the North by the second beach, Minot, which is in turn bordered by the Glades. Minot has its own post office with limited hours. The town of Scituate is currently planning to re-open a Minot firestation. Public school children in Minot attend Wampatuk Elementary School, Lester J. Gates Intermediate School, and Scituate High School. Minot has no businesses. Hatherly Country Club, a private club for members only, is located on Hatherly Road, spread across Minot and North Scituate.

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What is native peoples law?

Native Peoples Law is the area of law related to those peoples indigenous to the continent at the time of European colonization specifically Native Indians, Native Hawaiians, Alaska Natives and other native groups. Attorneys who practice native peoples law handle cases involving disputes related to the limited power of the federal government to regulate tribe property and activity, and cases involving unlawful discrimination against native peoples.

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