Newton Highlands is a village of Newton, Massachusetts. Newton Highlands is largely suburban outside of the village and the commercial district running along Winchester and Needham Streets. Newton Highlands' small commercial district runs along Lincoln St. , perpendicular to Walnut St. Vendors there include: Newton Pizza House, Games and Gizmos, Walnut Market, 57 Lincoln, Baker's Best, Green Planet Kids, Bread & Lily (in the location of the former Ice Cream Works and Citrio), Kim's Nail Salon, Lincoln Street Coffee, Ohara's Food and Spirits, and others as well. The first Brighams was located in Newton Highlands. It was home to the Hyde School which was an elementary school, which burned down in a raging fire and is now condominiums. Two the south, a dense commercial district along Needham Street includes stalwarts such as China Fair,and the New England Mobile Book Fair among many others. Since 1959 the neighborhood has had its own MBTA Green Line station, Newton Highlands Station, close to this commercial center. There also is an annual celebration in June called Village Day, a general celebration for the Newton Highlands community. There is a 5 kilometer road race, crafts and local food is sold, a small carnival is set up, and local bands and musicians often entertain the crowds.

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What is native peoples law?

Native Peoples Law is the area of law related to those peoples indigenous to the continent at the time of European colonization specifically Native Indians, Native Hawaiians, Alaska Natives and other native groups. Attorneys who practice native peoples law handle cases involving disputes related to the limited power of the federal government to regulate tribe property and activity, and cases involving unlawful discrimination against native peoples.

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