46 USC 60103 - Oath of ownership on entry

(a) Required Statement.— 
On entry of a vessel of the United States from a foreign port, the individual designated under subsection (b) shall state under oath that
(1) the vessels certificate of documentation contains the names of all the owners of the vessel; or
(2) part of the ownership has been transferred since the certificate was issued and, to the best of the individuals knowledge and belief, the vessel is still owned only by citizens of the United States.
(b) Person To Make Statement.— 
The statement under subsection (a) shall be made by

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(1) an owner if one resides at the port of entry; or
(2) the master if an owner does not reside at the port of entry.
(c) Consequence of Not Making Statement.— 
If the appropriate individual does not make the statement required by this section, the vessel is not entitled to the privileges of a vessel of the United States.