46 USC 60104 - Depositing certificates of documentation with consular officers

(a) Requirement of Master.— 
When a vessel owned by citizens of the United States, on a voyage from a port in the United States, arrives at a foreign port, the master of the vessel shall deposit the vessels certificate of documentation with a consular officer at the foreign port if there is a consular officer at that port.
(b) Return of Certificate.— 
When the master produces a clearance from the appropriate officer of the foreign port, the consular officer shall return the certificate of documentation to the master if the master has complied with the provisions of law related to the discharge of seamen in a foreign country and the payment of fees of consular officers.
(c) Civil Penalty and Collection.— 
The master of a vessel failing to deposit the certificate of documentation as required by subsection (a) is liable to the United States Government for a civil penalty of $500. The consular officer shall bring an action to recover the penalty in any court of competent jurisdiction. The action shall be brought in the name of the consular officer for the benefit of the United States.